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About Us – Better Language Company

Bangula is one of the best language, translation and transcription agencies in Africa. We offer our clients excellent rates and service. We offer translation services into SA languages, major African languages and major world languages.

‘We provide quick turnaround times and we deliver excellent quality.’

We have been involved in the language services and translation industry for over a decade and have the expertise to assist you with any translation, transcription or editing job.

Benefits of outsourcing your language and branding requirements to Bangula:

  • You will receive top-quality services from a team of dedicated people. 
  • You will simplify your outsourcing procedures by channeling most of the work through one language services agency.
  • You will be able to lighten your project management load by outsourcing project management to experienced managers.  
  • All work goes through an independent quality check process before being delivered back to you.

Bangula is a traditional Zulu term meaning ‘to take out a thorn’.

We help you handle thorny issues in the language world

‘Our years of experience, highly skilled team and project management expertise make us the perfect solution for projects of any size.’

Our services include:

  • writing
  • translation
  • trancription
  • interpreting
  • localisation
  • editing and proofreading
  • typesetting, layout and formatting
  • graphic design
  • project management

Our in-house team consists of highly experienced managers, practitioners and educationalists. All of our team members are selected for their excellent skills, experience and passion for the industry.


Image showing the vale of Bangula language and branding services

Our story

Bangula was founded on a solid foundation of expertise. Hannietjie Sapire and Linda Botha used their skills to form a company that would meet the growing needs of business and government for language and translation services into South African languages. Bangula’s highly-qualified language and branding experts create language and branding solutions for businesses and government organisations. A detail-oriented approach and rigorous quality guidelines ensure both client satisfaction and success, time and time again.

‘Bangula’s team are specialists in translation, editing, proofreading, educational content development and business communication training. We offer a full in-house branding, copywriting, design, web development and SEO team.’

We also act as an agent for translators, editors, proofreaders, interpreters and copywriters in African and European languages. Our in-house team consists of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated trainers, practitioners and educationalists, each of whom was selected for his or her excellent skills, experience and reliability.

Bangula is a traditional Zulu term meaning ‘to take out a thorn’. Our expertise, our experience, our insights and our passions are geared to ensure that businesses, like yours, operate with greater efficiency where language matters and documentation are concerned. And, wherever we can, to help you bump up your bottom line.




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